Continuing Education Just Got Easier

How It Works

CEHQ is an app that puts CE courses at your fingertips with mobile optimized viewing and content, it is easy to read and digest. Watch the video to see it in action!

Why Choose CEHQ? Education Bursts.

CEHQ allows you to earn credit in short, convenient intervals of learning, called “education bursts.” You can learn and earn on the go, whenever you have a few minutes — in a waiting room, standing in line, riding the bus or train, or on a short break.

Nationally Accredited

CEHQ is an accredited provider of continuing education by all U.S. boards of nursing.

Peer-reviewed, High-Quality Sources

CEHQ provides content from a database of unbiased, trusted medical sources. Our nurse planners carefully research and evaluate this content to select the articles and develop review questions for CEHQ programs.

Built for On The Go

CEHQ allows you to earn credit in short intervals, called education bursts. We take traditional CE program material and break it down so you can complete credits in minutes instead of hours.

Store CE Certificates For Free

The CE Vault securely stores your CE certificates in the cloud, until you need them. You can also upload certificates from other CE providers to keep all your credits in one place.

Roll Over Pricing

Why pay for unlimited? Buy what you need – and keep the leftovers. CEHQ has options for every budget to meet your state’s CE requirements. Unused purchased credits roll over year after year, with no time limit.


CEHQ offer plans for any budget, starting at $3.99.

Getting Started With CEHQ

Try CEHQ for free. You’ll be on your way to earning CE credit in just minutes:


  1. To get started, download the CEHQ app to your mobile device and create your username and password.
  2. Your first CE credit is free. Set up your profile in the app to collect your free credit.
  3. Visit the Programs section in the app to explore topics you’d like to learn about, or use the search capability to find information about specific conditions. TIP: Use the CEHQ app anytime you want to learn more about one of your patient’s condition.
  4. To earn credit, select a subject, read the vetted articles and answer the review questions. You’ll be amazed at how you can do all of this in just a few minutes.
  5. Once you’ve earned a CE certificate, store it in the CE Vault for easy access to it anytime — no more searching for certificates at license renewal time!
  6. You can also use the CE Vault to conveniently store certificates from other education providers in the cloud.

Try Risk Free

Get your first credit free by downloading the app. Your free account gives you unlimited access to the CE Vault and CEHQ programs.